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Hi friend!


Welcome to my little space here! I'm Lindsay, mom of 3 and wife to an amazing husband! 

I have always loved connecting with people, and that used to be behind a mask as a dental hygienist, and as a flute teacher, and now here! These days you can usually find me chasing after a toddler, holding a baby and making food for my kids every constant state of hunger ha! I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself and the face behind this "online journal" if you will.


I met my husband at my cousin's wedding, and the rest was history! We were married in May 2012 and honeymooned in Hawaii! 6 short weeks after we were married Scott was in an awful accident at work and and had to undergo emergency surgery. We are beyond thankful he is okay and recovered so well from it! I wrote more about it here. The beginning of our marriage was tough as I was looking after him in every way, working and just figuring out this newly married life. We truly grew so much in that first year of marriage.  Next we found out we were pregnant which came as a surprise, but we were so excited to be parents! In August 2013 we welcomed a baby boy, Riley, and fell completely in love! We found out we were pregnant with #2 when Riley turned a year old and couldn't have been more excited to have a little sibling for Riley! That little one went to heaven when i was 10.5 weeks pregnant and we mourned the loss. I wrote about our miscarriage here. We were able to have our rainbow baby, a baby girl in September 2015. Brynn and Riley are little buddies and have become big brother and sister to the newest addition, Hallie, this past April 2018! 

A few loves of mine besides my family include fitness, running, nutrition (especially pertaining to oral health hehe), God, travelling, a good cup of tea accompanied by a good book or visit with a friend, spicy food and playing the flute! 

I look forward to connecting with you on this space and hope it is one that encourages, uplifts and can be helpful!